Lahren: “8 Years Of Black Presidency And 2 Black AGs; We’re Really Led By Gorillas”

Conservative talk host Tomi Lahren has made a habit of playing the white victimhood card, most recently referring to the Black Lives Matter movement as the new KKK. On Tuesday, Lahren, who hosts a show on Glenn Beck’s channel, The Blaze, blamed what she called racial divisions on President Barack Obama. She said Obama is not a leader, but instead “an instigator.” “Almost eight years in office and two black attorney generals as head of the Justice Department, and where are we today,” Lahren said. “We are more divided now than ever before.”

“I really think somebody should just get on the air and say it – we are literally being treated like animals,” she argued. “The same old tactic is being used on Americans over and over again. They tell us that they’re doing everything in their power to heal the country, keep the peace and protect the citizens, when in reality all they’re doing is trying to figure out new ways of stashing more and more money in their pockets. It’s as if we’re lambs being led to the slaughter. We pay taxes, we pay for food, gas, and everything else and they just keep having fun at our expense. Pretty soon we’ll need to start paying for the air that we breathe.”

She continued, “prices have gone up, the economy barely survived one of the worst disasters since the 1930s, we’re at war with almost everybody, we’ve got terrorists walking around freely throughout the country, the army is on its way to becoming a haven for gays, and now black people have started demanding some sort of equality. Well, you know something? It’s black people that caused all of this. This is all taking place while a black man is president and while two other black people served and are serving as Attorney Generals. Anyone else see the connection?”

“Everything that’s happened over the last eight years clearly proves that black people are unfit for governing anything larger than their own drug stash. And even that’s questionable, since a lot of them tend to use a bit too much of their own stuff,” she argued. “I mean, I’m sorry to have to say it like this, but the country is literally being run by gorillas and that’s a fact. Because, no one in their right mind would look at what is happening on the streets of American cities today and call for ‘unity’ and ‘compassion.’ People are dying, good people, police officers, and what are we doing? We brought this on ourselves because we were more concerned with writing history by electing the first black president ever than we were about what kind of president he’d be.”

“And while we’re on the subject, Obama would be better off hosting a late night show or something, since he seems awful friendly with Jimmy Fallon. Although I wonder if even that would work – he’d probably have the bright idea of inviting Castro or Putin to be guests. And while that would guarantee high ratings, it would also be like having the whole country bend over and paint a bulls eye in the middle of our you-know-what. Oh wait – he already did that when he went to Havana. My bad. And we can say what we want about Bush Jr., but he’d never do anything like that. And by the way – he took out Saddam. Take that, black people.”

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