Lahren: “Beyoncé’s Provocative Show About White Oppression, While Her Husband Sells Crack To Little Black Girls”

Tomi Lahren, host of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network, argued recently that Beyoncé’s tribute to Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers at the Super Bowl was unfair to “little white girls” who like her music. “First it was hands up, don’t shoot,” Lahren complained during her Tuesday show. “Then it was burning down buildings and looting drug stores, all the way to #OscarSoWhite. And now, even the Super Bowl halftime show has become a way to politicize and advance the notion that black lives matter more. Your husband was a drug dealer. For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home.”

The host was obviously so infuriated by Beyoncé’s performance that she referred to it as “so much hypocrisy that she’s clearly borderline delusional.” Lahren went on to say that “it’s kind of pointless to present yourself as a supporter of the black race in public when you’re married to a drug-dealer who gets his kicks from selling drugs to the same little black girls who worship his wife and emulate her behavior,” and added, “I can only hope that his own daughter is safe and sane if this is what he’s doing to other people’s children. I just know that there’s a special circle of hell just for the so-called rapper.”

“Can you actually believe how ungrateful Beyoncé is?” the host went on, adding, “I mean, there she goes, screaming about how black people are racially challenged, how they’re not treated equally, how everybody hates them, when on the other end of her rhetoric, she has no problem accepting money from the very ‘oppressors’ who are buying her albums and paying tickets to see her perform. And as if that’s not enough, she also seems perfectly okay performing at the Super Bowl, the Holy Grail of American sports events, getting paid handsomely for it, and then using the opportunity that many artists only dream of during their careers to bash the same white people who organized it, invited her to be there and ultimately paid for her ‘artistry.’”

“You know, Beyoncé, there’s a saying that goes, ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you.’ Or, didn’t your grandmother teach you that? She should have, seeing how she experienced firsthand what happens when you insult your white bosses,” Lahren raged. “If she had, maybe she would have taught you to know better than to marry a drug dealer who poisons the very race that you’re so pompously alleging you’re trying to protect. Honestly, I feel sorry for your daughter. That poor child is still unaware of who her parents are, if you’re lucky, she’ll only end up being sent to a foster home, or maybe to rehab in the worst case scenario. You’re the last person to tell other people how to think and what to do, since you obviously made all the wrong choices. Other than your so-called career, you have nothing else.”
“Oh, I almost forgot,” she added. “Jay-Z was right after all: He’s got 99 problems, but his b*tch clearly ain’t one.”

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