Lahren: “Police Must Keep Shooting Black People On Regular Basis Until BLM Surrenders”

Self-appointed angry white woman Tomi Lahren lobbed another rant against Black Lives Matter onto the Internet. Lahren, who hosts a show on Glenn Beck’s channel, The Blaze, complained that Black Lives Matter activists had rallied around Korynn Gaines, a black woman shot and killed by police following a lengthy armed standoff that she partially broadcast on social media. “Who the hell would do that?” Lahren said. “Is this the kind of think that Black Lives Matter wants to get behind?”

The controversial host also argued that it is “ludicrous” to stand behind terrorists, regardless of their skin color or gender. “Because that’s what that woman was, a terrorist, make no mistake about it,” she said. “And coincidentally, her gender plays perfectly into the Black Lives Matter twisted philosophy, which revolves around white people, especially members of law enforcement, targeting African Americans on purpose, even the ones who are guilty of nothing.”

“In addition to that being completely untrue,” Lahren argued, “there is also the small thing of the terrorist’s 5-year old son, who was wounded in the gun fight, if I’m not mistaken. Now, if the mother had survived to raise that child, what kind of a man do you think he would become? A welcoming, prejudice-free person who would care for all people equally or perhaps the same, white people-hating domestic terrorist like his mother? I’m betting the latter, and I’m sure everybody else does, too.”

She added, “And what are we faced with now? The same old scenario – the Black Lives Movement is pining over a criminal who attempted to take the lives of several police officers, while at the same time professing some sort of alleged racial oppression. Well, you know something? It’s very simple: if you’re black in this country and you don’t want to get shot by the police, be nice and don’t carry a gun on your person. As a matter of fact, don’t own one altogether. That way you’ll be safe.”

At that point, however, the angry host decided to go all out with the criticism. “Actually, you know something?” She said, more for herself. “This is actually going right at the moment, we don’t need to change anything. We just need to let the police do their thing, they’re trained for this type of situations. Because, as we’ve seen, the moment we step in, we’re accused of being racist and oppressive. Nah, we’ll sit tight on this one from now on.”

“What I’m saying,” she felt the need to further elaborate, “is that police should, in fact, keep doing what it’s doing right now. They need to keep shooting black people who are a threat, because that’s how it goes. If you want to pick up a gun and threaten someone’s freedom to live in peace, you’re going down,” Lahren threatened. “And the Black Lives Matter supporters need to get their heads screwed on right, because all they ever do is moan and whine and protest, and it always seems to end with white police officers getting shot.”

“At the end of the day, if they don’t want to try and realize that they’re wrong, we’ll make them realize it. The Black Lives Matter movement needs to stop and it needs to not support terrorists and try to make them look like victims because of their skin color. And if they don’t want to do that, the police needs to make them do that. I’m sorry to have to say it, but if more black people need to die for the Black Lives Matter movement to change its ways, then so be it. What’s more, I think police should kill one black criminal on a regular basis, like once a month or something until the BLM comes to its senses. If they won’t do it nicely, we’ll make them do it. Period. Because, the lives of the many outweigh the lives of the few,” she concluded.

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