McCarthy: “Forget Lame Duck; Lame Dick Suits Him Far Better”

“Washington, D.C. – Time is running out and lawmakers are racing to pass a spending bill and avoid a government shutdown with only days left in the lame-duck session.

“On Monday, appropriators plan to unveil their “cromnibus” spending package, which includes 11 long-term spending bills that will fund much of the government. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security is also to be funded by a separate short-term bill, included in the plan.

“The unorthodox bill is the Republicans’ way of saying “we won’t be ignored” and represents a direct response to the executive actions on immigration by President Obama. The bill only funds those relevant agencies through early next year.

“In order for the government to remain open, the package needs to be passed before December 12th by the Congress.

“Due to the fact that they’re interested in confronting President Obama on better political footing and thanks to last year’s government shutdown, House Republicans aren’t lacking motive to approve legislation that would fund most government agencies through September, and, thus, avoid another risky shutdown.

Surprisingly, not even all this seems to be enough; some might call it kicking a man while he’s down, but that’s never been a problem for the GOP.

Namely, “House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, seems to have grown rather fond of using harsh words and flat-out swearing at the head of state.

“What do you expect? You want me to feel sorry for him? Have you looked at the state of things lately? We’ve got racial riots all over the country, the race issue has been brought up once again, we’ve got thousands of troops on foreign battlefields, a diminished global influence because of Russia and China and you want me to feel sorry for the man? You must be insane!”, McCarthy said more for himself than as a response during the interview.

“It will take years to fix the damage he’s done, but we’ll get there, don’t worry. As for the remainder of his term, lame d*ck is what we should be calling him instead of lame duck. He can’t get anything right, and I’d be surprised if things were different with his junk”, he finished, surprisingly.