Lara Trump: “White Men Love Trump And They Marry An Average Of 3 Women In Adulthood, So We’ll Win For Sure”

Mooresville, NC – Though polls show Hillary Clinton has a double-digit lead over Donald Trump among female voters, the women who support the Republican presidential candidate say they’re proud, patriotic and excited. About 200 of them – and a few men – rallied at Trump National Golf Club Charlotte for a “Women for Trump” event recently. The event featured key female figures involved in Trump’s campaign, one of whom was also his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump. It even began with her leading the crowd in a rowdy cheer: “When I say ‘Trump train,’ y’all have to say ‘choo choo!’”

In a post-event interview with The Charlotte Observer, Trump’s daughter-in-law stated that she “doesn’t care” what the official polls say, because “anyway you want to look at it, Donald Trump is going to become the next President of the United States whether you like it or not.” She also mentioned the fact that the great majority of mainstream media is, in her opinion, “on the Democratic Party’s payroll,” and at the same time, “they’re the ones who keep coming up with those so-called polls.”

“Let me tell you why Donald Trump is going to win the presidency,” she said. “Despite the fact that most media falsely claim that he is disliked by the minorities, including but not limited to Muslims and African Americans, I can tell you that I personally know many members of those two groups that wholeheartedly support him. That’s just another proof that the mainstream media is conspiring against the man. But even if that were the case, which it’s not, but even if it was, he’d still beat Hillary Clinton without breaking a sweat. And here’s why.”

The business mogul’s daughter-in-law then argued “statistics and common sense tell no lies.” She added, “Here’s why we’re not worried at all. The majority of the white male population in the United States supports Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. And even though many of them don’t like Donald Trump, they’d still choose him over Hillary. Furthermore, if you take into consideration the fact that the average white male in America over the course of his adult life marries and divorces 3 times, again, in average, that means that three times as many women support Donald Trump. Period.”

Baffled by her insane rhetoric, the interviewer then asked Lara Trump, “What does the fact that the husbands were pro-Trump have to do with each of their three (ex-) wives, in average?” But the Trump gal wouldn’t be confused: “Come on, we’re talking about the Republican Party here. Everybody knows how hardcore their voters are, they’re traditional people. And everybody knows that in a traditional Republican American home, the wife does what she’s told, not what she wants to.” The interviewer swiftly added, “Does that also apply to you?” “I bet you’d like to know, wouldn’t you?” she snapped back.

“And another thing,” she added. “Trump women aren’t ordinary in any way. We know y’all think we’re gold diggers and what not, but let me tell you something. We stand by our men, through thick or thin. And we change things for the better. Take Donald himself as an example – he’s already on his third wife. I, on the other hand, ain’t going nowhere. Because, good things happen when you let your man be in charge. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be this close to becoming part of the First Family. And for the record, I seriously doubt Bill Clinton feels the same way about his wife’s situation.”

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