LePage Calls Sick People To Leave Maine “So Taxpayers Won’t Have To Pay Doctors To Get Them Healthy”

Maine’s Tea Party Gov. Paul LePage complained that health care costs could be held down with preventative care – like the types of programs he’s cut from the state budget. The combative Republican governor discussed the state’s health care system and potential cost-cutting reforms recently during his weekly radio appearance on WVOM-FM, reported the Maine Sun Journal. The governor opposes expanding nearly all forms of taxpayer-funded health care, and instead said he would rather see a fundamental change in the way illness and other health conditions are treated in the U.S.

“And there’s a very simple way to make that change,” LePage argued. “Just get sick people to move away out of state if or when they get sick. It’s as simple as that. But that’s the problem here. People love what I’ve done to the state of Maine too much to leave now. In fact, when we were crunching the numbers the other day, it turns out more and more people are moving into Maine. I am proud to say all of my hard work has finally paid off. And that’s despite all of those who were saying I was crazy. That shows them – I’m that awesome.”

He added, “And this latest issue just gives me another opportunity to demonstrate why people like me so much. It’s because I care about the little guy. When you start thinking about how much money an average citizen of Maine is already spending on bills, utilities, taxes, food and other costs of living, you reach a pretty high number. And the last thing anyone needs is for the state government, which is mostly me, to increase that further. Plus, we also run the risk of infecting other healthy people. So, I’m sorry, but the best solution is sick people have to go.”

“I mean, you know what they say – the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. So, unless we have a state-wide epidemic of some sort on our hands, this is the way it should be. Besides, doctors in Maine are already getting a hefty piece of the cake, and I don’t think it would be fair to increase their salaries any more. They’ve already got the best jobs, complete with the reputation and envy. Raising their pay would really be too much. And when you think about it, we have to keep the balance. With this many people moving in because of me, we have to have a lot of people moving out of Maine. So why not make it sick people? It’s perfect,” LePage concluded.

He added, “Plus, I hear New Hampshire and Vermont are faced with a surplus of free medications. I don’t know about medical-grade marijuana, but I know for a fact they’ve got a ton of anti-Hillary Clinton pills. So, this idea just might work.”

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