Leverage Platforms to Find the Lowest Moving Quotes

Relocation is one of the most hyper-segmented industries, particularly in large cities such as New York City or San Francisco. Finding moving quotes can be a daunting task – it requires calling and sharing a lot of information about your move with each company. A typical sales phone call to obtain a guaranteed flat rate quote will likely take about 12-15 minutes. Even as online reviews for moving companies are on the rise, picking a reputable mover at the right cost can take a really long time. Instead of contacting each company individually, you can use one of the moving platforms to reach hundreds of movers in one place, manage your quotes and select the right company for you.

What are these moving platforms?

There are several popular platforms available in most US cities today. These platforms allow you to shop for moving quotes in one place and help you get the best deal on your move in one place. The idea is much like Google Flights for plane tickets, TripAdvisor for hotel prices or Uber for local drivers. You make one request, and get to compare quotes from local service providers.

Why are moving platforms cheaper?

The simple answer is competition. When movers know that they are competing with dozens or hundreds of other movers for your business, they know they have to start with their most competitive offer to have a shot at booking your job. As a result, high-balling just does not work on these platforms.

Beyond just competition, low acquisition costs for small businesses mean that instead of spending hundreds of dollars on an advertising campaign, they can come to the platform and book extra moving jobs when they need them. By saving on their advertising costs, these small business can pass a portion of the savings to you.

Lastly, mover’s pricing largely depends on their supply and demand. If a particular mover has a lot of slots available for a particular day, they are likely to scan platforms and offer unbeatable deals to fill in their schedule. Particularly if you are moving in the off-season or your dates are flexible, you can extend your savings on moving platforms by pushing for a date with little demand.

Where to start?

The most popular mover platforms include CityMove, Moved, uShip, and Unpakt. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Our recommended platform is CityMove. The website interface is very simple, the complete onboarding can be done on a mobile device or desktop and the entire process takes users on average 4 minutes (but can be a bit longer for larger moves). The best part about CityMove is that real mover representatives have to review your information and submit an approved proposal before you are notified. In just a couple of hours, you can have up to 8 human prepared proposals, including CityMove verified reviews for you to compare. If you have questions you can ask them on the job forum and all the moving companies will be notified.

Happy moving, and enjoy the savings!