Lewandowski: “The Star Of David Is Actually A Muslim Symbol That Was Stolen By Jews”

CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski accused critics of Donald Trump of “political correctness run amuck” after the presumptive GOP nominee was forced to retract a tweet that used the Star of David to attack Hillary Clinton. Over the weekend, Trump posted an image on Twitter that showed Hillary Clinton in front of piles of money. A Star of David included with the image read: “Most corrupt candidate ever!” Trump eventually deleted the tweet and posted a new image, replacing the Star of David with a circle.

“You don’t get to do that to someone who is trying to change things for the better,” Lewandowski quipped. “Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country since 9/11. And he didn’t get to be as successful as he is by kissing up and paying attention not to insult anyone. The road to success is paved with thorns and only the most persistent manage to walk through it and make it to the end. Donald Trump is one of those people.”

He continued, “The man is trying to reposition America to its rightful place as the greatest country in the world at a time when our enemies are growing both in numbers and strength, and you’re on about political correctness? Are you serious?” Trump’s former campaign manager also went on to say that “Trump was completely right to call out Hillary Clinton,” as well as that the Star of David isn’t what everybody is convinced it is.

“Many people don’t know this, but the Star of David isn’t really a Jewish symbol. The Jews actually stole it, or rather, adopted it from the Quran and made it their own. And the most interesting part,” Lewandowski claimed, “is the fact that, before the Jews made it into something completely different, the six-pointed star was actually used in Islam as a symbol of amassing fortune. In other words, Muslims used that symbol to label someone as a large-scale thief, since, you know, small-time crooks would end up having their stealing arms cut off back in the day.”

The former campaign manager-turned-CNN-contributor then argued that Donald Trump knew this all along “because he is so smart and well informed,” which resulted in the firestorm of comments and insults created by his critics. “Honestly, have you ever heard any other politician reveal this kind of groundbreaking information to the public? And information that’s accurate, at that? No, you haven’t. And do you know why that hasn’t happened? Because everybody else is too afraid to do it, unlike Donald Trump.”

“Not only did his uncompromising character make him one of the richest people in the country, but it is also at this very moment allowing him to reveal the truth that no one else is willing to,” Lewandowski said. “And that truth is that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, money-loving failure of a politician who only got into politics after her husband cheated on her. Therefore, her presidential run has nothing to do with her wanting to improve America and everything to do with getting back at her husband by beating him at his own game.”

“And while we’re on the subject, the only reason why Trump replaced the star in the image he tweeted with a circle after some time was because he understands that, even though he couldn’t care less about political correctness, it is nonetheless important to his voters and, more importantly, those who are yet to be persuaded by his actions. He is that insightful,” Lewandowski concluded the unfounded glorification of his former boss.

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