Limbaugh: “In The Last Few Decades, Only Colored People Managed To Succeed In This Country; That’s Why Obama Highlighted His Black Side”

Rush Limbaugh, the ultraconservative radio host, said on Sunday that Donald Trump’s presidency is “not going to be easy at all” because of his skin color. Limbaugh urged the president to get to work on the policies he talked about because it’s not going to be easy for him since he’s not African-American. “[Obama was] the first African-American president,” Limbaugh opined. “You have everybody falling all over themselves to acknowledge that, to reward that. Obama was going to get everything he wanted in the first year because if anybody opposed it, they were going to be accused of being a racist or bigot or who knows what.”

“And the sad thing is, it wasn’t just limited to Obama, it didn’t stop with him. If we’re being completely honest, the fact that Barack Obama was half-black and that he was elected president because of it was nothing more than a culmination of decades-long efforts of the black community in America to get one of their own to rank super high. And low and behold, they hit the jackpot with President Obama,” Limbaugh argued. “However, one might ask the question of how was it that the Democrats went along with it all. Truth be told, that’s where it gets really interesting, at least in my book.”

He continued, “Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat – no Democrat in their right mind, including Hillary Clinton and especially Hillary Clinton – would never have allowed a 100% black person to rise up so high in the party, let alone win the presidency. I mean, the Democrats are generally very liberal and all that, but let’s face it: nobody’s THAT liberal, if you know what I mean. So, in a sense, Barack Obama was the ideal candidate because he was only part black; as a matter of fact, it was his white half that made it possible for him to slip through the cracks and take the win. Simply put, he combined the best of both worlds and that’s the reason he was so successful.”

“That being said,” the radio host also opined, “there’s another very important factor that played right into Obama’s ambition to use what was unique about him – or rather, he played into that factor rather perfectly. Namely, if you look at the historical data, you’ll notice that there’s a significant rise in the numbers of colored people that made it in this country in the last few decades. From the NBA, NFL and other types of sports, to education, industry and even corporate and financial branches, black people have been on the offensive all this time. Heck, even medicine is right there alongside everything else – remember Ben Carson?”

Limbaugh added, “In a certain sense, that’s the occurrence Barack Obama had noticed in his younger days – I would argue that likely took place while he was still attending Harvard. He must have noticed an increasing number of black students who were very achieving in their studies, which must have prompted him to think outside the box. I assume he set his goals pretty high back then – the highest possible, I would imagine – and the rest is history. So, due to the fact that he noticed a steady rise in the number of colored overachievers, which was a historical precedent, he chose to highlight his black side and conceal his white one.”

“Unfortunately, one could argue that Donald Trump became president in the worst possible time when it comes to the sensitivity of the racial component in this country. As of late, only colored people managed to succeed in this country, and he’s going to have a very difficult job appealing to that specific layer of the population. And to be quite honest – unless he does the Michael Jacksonly thing and undergoes a series of skin darkening treatments, I’m afraid he doesn’t have much time left as president. I’m sorry to point that out, but I’m calling it like I see it. The blacks are hungry and to them he’s nothing more than a perfect slice of golden-feathered chicken ripe for a backyard ghetto barbecue,” the radio host concluded.