Limbaugh: Mass Suicide is Best Loophole to Avoid Obamacare

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Popular talk radio host Rush Limbaugh today suggested that Americans who do not want to live with Obamacare should take that notion literally and commit mass suicide.

Limbaugh, who as a long-time outspoken critic of the Affordable Care Act once compared the law to slavery, recently suggested that he had found a loophole allowing people to not participate in buying health insurance while avoiding the accompanying penalty.

Limbaugh argued that if a person did not owe a tax refund the IRS had no way to access their bank account and impose the penalty, but today he went a step further by suggesting that mass suicide was perhaps the only way out. “The only reasonable response now to the government trying to impose socialized medicine on us is for every American, and especially the blacks and Muslims, to kill themselves en masse,” Limbaugh told his audience.

Limbaugh called this the “nuclear option,” and explained that it might be the only way to obstruct  the ongoing rollout of Obamacare after the government shutdown failed to block the law’s implementation. Limbaugh added that he didn’t have a specific suicide method in mind, although he suggested his listeners make the act overtly political by “impaling yourself on the Washington Monument, or tying the other end of a noose to the Lincoln Memorial.”

However, Limbaugh said that he would not lead the charge in people killing themselves as “that’s what Obama and Democrats would want,” and explained that he is “going to stay alive just to fight for everyone that died protesting Obamacare.”

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