Linda Harvey: “Hillary Stayed In The Closet So God Wouldn’t Learn She’s A Lesbian And Ban Her From The Election”

Linda Harvey, the head of Mission America, is predictably not impressed by Hillary Clinton’s recently released plan to combat bullying in schools, writing in BarbWire recently that it is yet another instance of “sexual weirdness and anti-Christian bigotry being packaged and sold to our children as ‘inclusion’ and ‘civil rights.’” Harvey, however, reports that there’s an “easy solution” to “such institutional child abuse”: Elect Donald Trump and then “lock Hillary up.”

“I’m telling you, that woman deserves to be behind bars on any count you want, since there’s like a dozen different charges she could be arrested on,” Harvey told Jackson Haynes of Associated Media during an interview. “And not just because of the lies she’s spoken during her political career – those can’t be counted – but because of the fact that she’s now gone from lying to and corrupting adult citizens of this country to attempting to corrupt our children, the very best of us.”

She argued, “If I was any other president other than Obama, I would personally have her arrested by Secret Service agents and transferred straight away to solitary confinement at a maximum security prison, seriously.” Asked to comment on the possible motives Hillary Clinton would have for corrupting America’s youngest ones, Harvey blasted out, “That’s what dykes do.” Pressed to elaborate further, she argued, “Lesbians don’t like to look at little kids because they know they can’t conceive their own, so they want to get rid of them altogether.”

“Most people don’t know that it’s the dyke lobby that’s pushing the demand for designer babies,” she added. “And the queen-bee of them all, Hillary Clinton, figured she’d take it upon herself to start doing the dirty work in elementary schools as early as her presidential campaign. That’s why God hates her – well, okay, God doesn’t really hate anyone, that’s ungodly – but you get the point. God doesn’t like Hillary Clinton because he sees what she’s doing and he knows something’s up, but he can’t quite put his proverbial finger on it.”

Harvey was on fire: “But Republicans down here can – she’s a closeted lesbian, in addition to being a liberal. She intentionally stayed in the closet because she knew God would never let her become president had she come out years ago. And so not only did she stay closeted because she wanted the presidency, but also because that helped her gain more points more quickly. This way, nobody’s attacking her as much as they would if she’d come out sooner. This way, she’s just a failed, ex-first lady and ex-secretary of state whose husband cheated on her throughout their marriage. Now, imagine adding an ‘I’m a dyke so deal with it’ confession to all that. She’d have been assassinated by now.”

“But she’s plenty smart at the same time, you gotta give her that,” the head of Mission America also said. “She’s a brilliant tactician and she’s got plenty of experience in the game. That’s why it’s so darn hard to catch her with her hand in the cookie jar. But, we’ll get there, don’t worry. She won’t succeed in corrupting our kids, Donald Trump will see to that and then he’ll lock her up for good. And if he doesn’t, we always have God,” she concluded.