8 Common LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

LinkedIn is the most extensive professional network with over 660 million users and 30 million companies spread over 200 countries. Having an active LinkedIn company profile is a must for all businesses but especially important for B2B businesses. Your company page on LinkedIn is an important marketing tool that can help increase brand awareness and revenue. Did you know? You can now perform gb whatsapp apk download from your phone. Check out Softgoza for more information.

Your LinkedIn profile can also help attract great talent to your organization. Most companies do most of their job adverts with LinkedIn as it is the platform with the largest number of job seekers.

But many businesses are missing out on the huge marketing opportunities that are freely available on LinkedIn. Keep reading for 8 of the biggest LinkedIn marketing mistakes your company should avoid making.

1. Not Having A LinkedIn Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest LinkedIn marketing mistakes is not having a strategy for your LinkedIn content. For individuals that want to connect with others, it is okay to wing it and do whatever you feel like doing on the platform.

But businesses don’t have that luxury. Companies join the platform with certain goals in mind so they must have a LinkedIn content strategy that aligns with the marketing strategy and produces the desired results.

Some of the signs that a company hasn’t planned out their content is inconsistent posts. You can avoid this mistake by creating a content strategy as well as a content calendar. You should also know the answers to important questions like who is your target audience and what are their pain points? Why is your company on LinkedIn? How will you measure your digital marketing success on LinkedIn?

2. Selfish Posts

Most people are on LinkedIn to improve their career or business prospects through the network they build. So, it is understandable why most posts on your newsfeed will be someone promoting themselves or their company. But selfish self-promotion isn’t the best way to build relationships on the platform.

Instead, you should post content that will help your network succeed at their goals. The more value you provide, the easier it will be to sell your services to your network. If they get used to great content from you, they are less likely to click out of your few promotional posts.

In case you don’t want to build a community of followers on LinkedIn but still want to promote your services, the best option would be to buy adverting slots on the platform.

3. Click-Bait Posts

Another common mistake with posts on LinkedIn is when users hijack their own posts to promote their company. Such posts usually have a clickbait heading that attracts readers and then veers into a sales pitch towards the end. Readers then realize that your intent wasn’t to inform or entertain them but to sell your product. This is one of the quickest ways to lose followers and connections.

For example, your company may decide to do a mother’s post day celebrating all the mothers in the company. It could include photos and videos of how the company supports mothers. But it would be inappropriate to hijack such a post by adding promotional content about company products that you want to sell.

Many companies do hijack potentially awesome posts with their sales content and end up turning off their audience. To prevent this, always stick to one idea or subject for your LinkedIn posts.

4. Mediocre Company Page

LinkedIn company pages are important as they influence the impression people have of your company. Some companies have pages that lead potential clients or employees to question the professionalism of the organization. Your LinkedIn page is a free marketing opportunity so you should make it as interesting, informative, and current as possible. This will build trust with any new audience members that click on your page and give them the confidence to connect and engage with you.

5. Not Testing For Best Results

Another major mistake marketers make on LinkedIn is not testing the results of their ad campaigns. If you don’t test you won’t know what’s working and what’s not. For instance, you could run two ads concurrently and use different images in each to see what types of pictures create more engagement and leads.

You could also test headlines and copy content. For regular content, you could do tests to establish the best days and times to publish your content and also see what type of content your audience likes best.

6. Not Personalizing Your Brand

One of the best ways to use LinkedIn is as a way to humanize your brand. Many people view businesses as cold and impersonal. But you can change your audience’s perception by sharing pictures and videos of your employees in the course of their work. You could also showcase your clients receiving your services.

The more people see the human side of your business the easier it will be for them to connect with your brand. Potential employees can also have a better understanding of how it would be to work for you.

7. Neglecting Some LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn has many extra features that many businesses don’t use such as LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn groups. Premium is a paid feature that allows you to send messages to people that aren’t in your network as well as post advertisements on the platform.

These are both extremely useful features of companies.

You can also create a community on LinkedIn groups where you can share your expertise with members as well as get feedback on your services and brand.

8. Not Asking For Recommendations

Word of mouth recommendations is an excellent way to increase your sales. But many companies miss out on this free LinkedIn feature because they don’t ask for recommendations from happy clients. The more positive recommendations you have the easier it will be to gain the trust of new clients. So always ask for a recommendation whenever you successfully deliver a service or product to your clients. Getting over 50 recommendations is a good start as this will give your business enough social proof that you are a reliable company.

LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals to get exposure. This is why it’s an important marketing tool for companies. To make the best out of LinkedIn, companies should follow tested business strategies like putting customers first when creating content and having a digital marketing strategy.

Our list of common LinkedIn marketing mistakes to avoid when marketing on LinkedIn should help you succeed on LinkedIn. For more tips on digital marketing strategies, read the rest of our blog.