Lori Bakker: “Most Women Marchers Were Abused As Children, That Explains Their Immunity To The Father Figure Of Donald Trump”

On his television show recently, pro-Trump televangelist Jim Bakker continued to criticize the Women’s March on Washington, claiming that people who participated in the march are “broken” and unhealthy. “I looked at them,” he said. “I looked close, I looked at them, I looked them all over. They’re hurting. They’re broken. They’re beaten down. They’re not even healthy. They looked like they’ve been through a war, some of them.” Bakker’s wife and co-host, Lori Bakker, suspected that the women who marched against President Trump were survivors of childhood abuse: “Most women like that have been molested, they’ve been abused, they’ve been whatever in their life. You just have to go back to, typically, early childhood and things like that. And they just need the healing of the lord.”

Asked to elaborate on her comments, the co-host added that she “finally understands” why a vast majority of women marchers were unable to perceive President Donald Trump as the father figure he is. “It’s all starting to make sense now,” she said. “One of the main reasons why the image of Donald Trump went so far in helping him win the election last November is the fact that he is not only a self-made man and a powerful player in any game, but also someone who inspires confidence and self-esteem in others. He’s essentially scrapped political correctness, which has given everybody in America their freedom of speech back. And we should celebrate the man for it.”

Bakker continued, “And while I’m on the subject, I also won’t pretend like those aren’t incredibly attractive qualities in a man, even though I’m a happily married woman. Regardless of the fact that there are millions of women out there who won’t admit it, there is actually a lot of truth in the saying that every girl looks for the image of her father in her partner. And you know, it doesn’t get much more father-like than Donald Trump.” She also said, “Though, some would probably argue that there’s much more grandfather-like in him, but hey – if you’re out there and you’re into that, well I for one won’t judge. It’s 2017, people – this is when we get to change America for the better. It’s okay to admit you’ve got a crush on him, it’s no secret he’s got a way with ladies. I’d also just like to add that I personally consider First Lady Melania Trump to be the luckiest woman on the planet. There. I said it.”

“So, it completely makes sense now, I’m just surprised I haven’t seen it before,” Bakker’s wife and co-host argued. “But, on the other hand, I do feel sorry for the female marchers for the pain they had to endure as children. I’m sure it must have been horrible to witness someone you trust take advantage of you. And that’s also another hugely important reason why we need to put an end to child molesters and abusers in this country. We’re loosing far too many women to traumas and domestic violence. Instead, we need peace so that the little girls of tomorrow don’t freak out when Donald Trump talks to them during rallies and speeches. Well, that, and also they need to not be immune to him so that we can really shake things up around here. What we’re doing so far is good, but not enough.”

“If we were to have an irresistible father-figure hunk of a president, we’d be in seventh heaven. Just think what would happen if he’d flirt with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Her head would literally explode, and he’d be able to speak in British Parliament no sweat,” Bakker concluded.