Love Story in the White House

On September 19th, 2014 a man by the name of Omar Gonzalez (42) became one of the selected few in the history of America who made it past the heavy security and into the White House. Having scaled the fence and run across the lawn, Gonzalez was able to slip through an unlocked door just prior to being tackled.

While this is not a new embarrassment for the Secret Service (the elite agency has been severely criticized for the many recent lapses of its agents and personnel), its reason might be. Namely, although the director (now former) of the US Secret Service, Julia Pierson, didn’t state it directly during a White House oversight committee hearing regarding the incident, a rumor has it that Gonzalez attempted to reach the US President because he had, and get a load of this – a huge crush on him!

Officials categorically deny such a claim and that’s completely understandable, considering the fact that Barrack Obama is the current President of one of the most powerful and influential countries on the planet. But, if he’s charming enough to inspire a married man of 42 years old to “come out of the closet” just because of him, then surely he should be capable of solving much more difficult global issues, wouldn’t you say?

Gonzalez was even successful enough to make it to the White House’s first floor and the East Room thanks to the fact that he pushed the unsuspecting guard from his way when he entered the unlocked door. Unfortunately for him, his love, Mr. Obama had left the White House some 10 minutes ago via helicopter. Apparently, in the end love doesn’t conquer all.

Although men have done insane things in the name of love in the past, breaking into the White House for a little r n’r between two married men is borderline incomprehensible. Then again, where better to hide such a secret than in plain sight? The incident is a demonstration of the power of raw sexual attraction; luckily (or maybe not) for the US President, the agent who tackled Gonzalez was probably a republican. Who knows what would have happened if he was a democrat.