Man Threatening Obama Not To Touch His Girlfriend Actually Sent By Michelle

Chicago, Illinois – When it comes to voting early, it can be said that it represents an exemplary demonstration of doing one’s civic duty. But, when you happen to meet the President of the United States voting right next to your girlfriend, that poses a rather delicate situation. Especially when you consider how women tend to be.

“During an early vote in Chicago two days ago, President Obama found himself in a situation that allowed him to fully experience the “love” citizens of his country feel for him.

“Namely, Mike Jones from Chicago saw the President chatting with his girlfriend and immediately decided to let him know she’s already spoken for. “Don’t touch my girlfriend”, Jones ordered with a firm voice, which led to the imminent laughter of both the President and the couple in love.

However, the Secret Service agents didn’t find this very funny, and they reacted by tackling the poor man, handcuffing and frisking him. They then proceeded to an interrogation, which bread an unexpected result – the man was on a mission to spy on Obama! And what’s more surprising (or not surprising at all, really) is the fact that he was sent by the First Lady!

Whether Michel Obama is just suspicious like any other woman, or her husband has given her a reason to doubt him remains unknown. Surely, being married to one of the most powerful men on the planet is an aphrodisiac as much as it is a reason to be worried; after all, many women are attracted to power.

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