Mark Sanchez has Best Game of the Season from the Bench

NEW YORK – After the worst start to a season of his career, Mark Sanchez had arguably his best game, throwing for 0 yards, 0 TD’s, and most importantly 0 interceptions.  A week after throwing four interceptions, Sanchez was declared starter for a game of musical chairs on the bench.  It was a bold move from Rex Ryan, who has been a staunch supporter of the troubled QB throughout the worst season of his four-year career.

“I had a gut feeling,” says Ryan.  “I knew this kid could play, I just needed to give him the right opportunity to shine.  He finally did.  Next stop.  Superbowl.  I’m calling it right now.”  

In recent weeks, Mark has taken a lot of heat following multiple poor performances.  His demeanor had become noticeably dejected as the season wore on, but on this Sunday Sanchez looked spright.  His play was dramatically different, potentially because he didn’t play.

“We knew that he just needed to limit errors,” said Offensive Coordinator, Tony Sparano.  “There’s no better way to do that then by not playing at all.”

Sanchez himself was lively in the locker room after the game, a stark difference from last week.  “I studied the tape all week and used practice to sharpen my hot routes to the gatorade bucket.  I’ve been taking extra snaps with the waterboy.  I felt good and went out there and executed my game plan.  Not only did I not throw a pic, I also ate 4 HT’s (hot dogs).  That’s a new record for me.”