Pat Robertson: “It’s Better To Marry Your Dog Than Another Man”

“TV pastor Pat Robertson warned recently that the government could force Christian florists and bakers out of business if they did not cater to weddings where men marry dogs. After a Washington state judge found earlier this year that a Christian florist had violated the state’s anti-discrimination law by refusing to sell flower arrangements for a same-sex couple’s wedding, Robertson asserted that an “intelligent judge” would have ruled against the gay men.

““To say that some procedural anomaly in the statute overrides the fundamental religious freedoms of the people, it’s just crazy,” he insisted. “And I hope that the lawyer for this florist will appeal this thing to get into the federal courts.” The conservative preacher continued: “But this is outrageous! To tell a florist she’s got to provide flowers for a particular kind of wedding. What if somebody wanted to marry their dog? They’ve got to have flowers for that? She’s going to be forced by the law to provide them flowers. I mean, this is crazy.”

Robertson then turned to a point he’s been forcing since the historic Supreme Court ruling on legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States: “But, let me tell you something about gay marriage: if a person did really want to marry their dog, I would still come to terms with it much sooner than having to watch two grown men entering wedlock.”

“I mean, we’re way out of bounds here,” the pastor stated. “And don’t give me that ‘Same-sex affection has been around since the ancient times’ argument, it’s a washed up thing to say. Only people who lack real arguments would say something like that. Then again, there are no real arguments that justify same-sex marriage, let alone the Supreme Court’s ruling on it.”

He added: “Seriously though, I think we should also legalize bestiality like we have gay-marriage. And while we’re at it, why not fill the cup all the way by legalizing drugs and prostitution as well? Then it’s on to incest, rape and finally murder. I mean, if we’re going to do something, let’s not stop half way. After all, you know the saying, ‘It’s cool in Heaven, but Hell is where my crew’s at.’ You know what I’m saying’, dawg? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking ‘bout, n*gga.”

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