Mass Anti-Government Protests in Turkey, Pretty Great Deals Found at JC Penney’s

ISTANBUL — Protests in the Turkish cities of Ankara and Istanbul continued to intensify on Friday, with at least 60 people arrested for protesting against a government that some say has become increasingly authoritarian. Police responded to the rally with tear gas and armored trucks equipped with water cannons. Meanwhile, the JC Penney’s in Akron, Ohio, has been found to have some terrific items on clearance, reports the Spencer family.

“I’ve tried skinny jeans on before and they were too tight around my legs,” said Josh Spencer, 29. “But when I noticed they had some Arizona brand skinny jeans for $8, I figured, ‘Eh, what the heck, might as well try them on, it’s only $8.’ ”

Friday’s demonstrations in Istanbul’s Taksim Square resulted in over 100 people suffering injuries, according to al-Jazeera. The protests initially began to stop a planned demolition of trees in neighboring Gezi Park – one of the last remaining green spaces in the city – to make room for a mall. However, citing the government’s violent response to the persistent demonstrators, thousands have come out to challenge their country’s leadership in general.

“He looked really good,” said Josh Spencer’s wife, Tara, 28, of her husband’s skinny jeans. “He got a pair of chinos too, though I didn’t think they fit as good.”

“Fit as well,” Josh Spencer added.

Laughing, Tara Spencer replied, “That’s what I get for marrying an English major, I guess.”

“Don’t forget lack of financial security,” said Josh Spencer, chuckling to himself.

Since beginning in Istanbul, rallies have begun occurring in the capital city of Ankara as well. There, protesters marched on the ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party’s headquarters. They were instead halted by canisters of tear gas fired indiscriminately.

Speaking with Reuters, Mert Burge, 18, said, “This isn’t about trees anymore. … We’re fed up. We don’t like the direction the country is headed in.”

“I’ve been looking for a nice dress to wear to this wedding we’re going to, and this one was only $25,” said Tara Spencer. “I hadn’t been too thrilled with Penney’s since they re-did their pricing structure, but I’m so glad they brought sale items back. These deals are just amazing.”

“Oscar! Oscar! No. That is the women’s dressing room, get out of there,” said Jason Spencer, speaking to the family dog, Newton, a Norwich Terrier. “Yeah, there’s my little gentleman.”