McCrory Suggests Forcing Transgender People To “Wear Body Cams When Using Women’s Toilets”

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) responded to a backlash against the state’s new law banning anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people by signing an executive order recently aimed at calming the firestorm, even as he left the most controversial provisions intact. Namely, in his order McCrory stopped short of altering the bill’s most high-profile provision mandating that transgender people use bathrooms that correspond only with the gender on their birth certificate.

“It’s quite simple, folks,” McCrory told media outlets on Wednesday. “Try thinking about it this way. I’m sure many of you have daughters, not that it should matter, but it kinda does. Now, imagine going out for a nice, family stroll on a Sunday afternoon, and all of a sudden, your child needs to go to the restroom. ‘That’s fine,’ you’re thinking, right? And you’re outside, waiting for your daughter to finish using the public restroom, and then you see a 6-foot, tattooed biker with a beard who’s wearing a flower dress and he also comes into the ladies room. Are you seriously telling me you’d be okay with that?”

He then said, “And don’t try to spin this round, either. Because it works both ways. All you ladies out there – you’re telling me you’d be totally fine with seeing a gorgeous, straight-out-of-the-centerfold Playboy bunny walking into the same restroom right after your husband? Yeah, I bet you’d be like, ‘Oh, it’s totally fine, I’m sure he or she or whatever is transgender and nothing is going to happen in there.’” Give me a break, that would never happen, not even if you were the most self-aware and confident woman alive.”

“But, cheating is not a felony. Statutory rape, on the other hand, is,” McCrory added. “Therefore, let’s focus on the former situation. That’s exactly why I am now going forward with a new piece of legislation, which is about protecting our youngest and most innocent members. At the same time, what I’m proposing also makes sure to not violate the rights of so-called transgender people any further. And the name of the game here is – body cams.”

“It’s simple, really. If transgender people are legally required to wear body cams and record their every visit to a bathroom that does not correspond with the gender on their birth certificate, that’s going to improve the situation in more ways than one. On one hand, police will have video-recordings of what goes on in the bathroom in real time, thereby giving them the opportunity to react instantly should any rape attempts occur. On the other hand, transgender people, which in this case means men who identify as women, will be allowed to use women’s restrooms. It’s perfect, especially for any glory hole enthusiasts,” the North Carolina governor concluded.

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