McDonalds Goes “Healthy” In Order To Stay In Business

” It comes as no surprise that one of the most famous and widespread fast-food restaurant chains in the world is feeling some turbulence caused by fluctuations in their sales and customer numbers, but the fact to the matter is that Americans just aren’t eating salty, deep-fried and fatty food as they used to. This is hurting a number of fast-food chains all over the world, but you know what happens when there’s profits involved – adaptability comes into play.
McDonalds is one of the most familiar places in pretty much any country in the world when it comes to grabbing a quick, tasty snack. However, due to the fact that people’s eating habits are undergoing a revolution on a global level, fast-food restaurants are forced to “think on their feet” and find new ways to keep the revenues up. As always, McDonalds is the first to come up with a drastic and risky strategy that could cater to even the most demanding of foodies.
Believe it or not, McDonalds has come up with a plan to get rid of all the fatty, salty and deep-fried foods that have been the company’s trademark since its beginnings. Instead, only the freshest of ingredients that receive the smallest possible amounts of thermic processing will be offered to the loyal customer base of the famous eatery.
“People are definitely trying to eat healthier, there’s no doubt about it. But, I think that each company has its own individual issues”, says Howard Penney, the managing director of Hedgeye Risk Management, who focuses on researching consumer staples sectors and the restaurant industry in the US.
That’s precisely why McDonalds is planning on “going green” (quite literally) and doing what no other fast-food joint has done before it – offering healthy food prepared in the safest possible way. In fact, the company’s management is even considering changing the name of the company to “McGreenies”. Kudos to the marketing department on that one.