McEnany: “Democrats Bitching About How Facts Matter, But Still Refuse To Show Proof That Illegals Didn’t Vote”

Famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein got into a shouting match with Trump advocate Kayleigh McEnany on Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night after she defended the president once again saying there was voter fraud during the 2016 election. One day after the Trump administration described lying to the press as providing “alternative facts,” Trump told a meeting of Congressional leaders that millions of people voted illegally, costing him the popular vote. “Kayleigh, he is saying that fraud occurred on the most massive scale of an election in our history,” Bernstein said. “It’s not true, it’s false.” “Well, you say it’s false but there is no way to disprove it,” McEnany shot back. “It’s been disproven, there’s no proof whatsoever,” Bernstein replied.

“You Democrats really have a hard time changing your tune, do you?” McEnany asked the aging reporter. “All you ever talk about, your sole rhetoric is based on Republicans being liars and telling the American people that they shouldn’t be trusted for it. And that’s it, you’ve got nothing else. And even though I’m kinda new to this game, I have to say – even I am seeing the pattern here very clearly. And if I can see it, then so can every other citizen of this country. You keep bitching about facts and how they’re super important and how you can’t have anything without them. And then, on the other hand, you refuse to show any viable proof that illegal immigrants didn’t vote and that Donald Trump is wrong.”

She continued, “President Trump says it happened. You say it didn’t happen. Well, I ask you – where’s your proof? Where is any ounce of proof you have to base your claims upon? Because, without proof, you’re pretty much left with empty words. And unfortunately for you and fortunately for the citizens of America, we all saw on the example of Hillary Clinton what happens when your verbal ammunition is the only type you have in your arsenal. You’ve got no way to prove that illegal immigrants didn’t vote against Trump, which is why it must have happened. It’s as simple as that.”

Cooper then interjected: “But, doesn’t that mean that the same logic can be applied on Donald Trump’s initial statements that millions of people voted illegally?” But McEnany wouldn’t be confused. She replied, “Of course it can and that’s exactly what the Democrats, Mr. Bernstein and other Trump-haters have been doing to him ever since the campaign started. But, here’s the thing: illegal Mexican immigrants are mostly liars and cheaters and cannot be trusted for dear life. So, a) it makes perfect sense to not believe a word that comes out of their mouth, and b) if the Democrats can’t or don’t want to release proof that would suggest otherwise, we’re left with no choice but to assume that they, in fact, did vote to cost Donald Trump his popular vote.”

“What we’re clearly seeing here in action is exactly the kind of hypocrisy that cost Hillary Clinton the presidency,” McEnany added. “You’d think they’d learn after that fiasco, but no – they keep at it as if they’ve got nothing else. And at the end of the day, we’re the ones they call idiots.”