McKinney, TX Neighbors Defend Violent Cop: “It’s His Job To Protect Us From Nudity In Public”

“Homeowners in McKinney, Texas stand by local police who pulled a gun on children for making too much noise at a pool party, Think Progress reports. “I feel absolutely horrible for the police and what’s going on,” an area woman says. “[Officers] were completely outnumbered and they were just doing the right thing when these kids were fleeing and using profanity and threatening security guard.”

“A video shows footage of police officer Eric Casebolt, who is a white man, grabbing Dajerria Becton – a 15-year-old black girl wearing a bikini – by the hair and tackling her into a state of immobility. Casebolt and other officers responded on Friday to complaints from neighbors about several loud and unruly teenagers at Craig Ranch North Community Pool. The teenagers were black; 911 callers alleged the children may have been visiting from another part of town.

When contacted by Newslo, several of the neighbors, who requested anonymity and were on scene when the incident took place, commented: “The officer was just doing his job. The police are meant to respond to these kinds of situations and, among other things, one of the duties of a police officer, in the state of Texas at least, is to protect the citizens from all forms of crimes and indiscretions, including the nudity of a minor.”

One neighbor even said: “I agree, he was being a bit brutal, but I don’t disagree with his actions, not in the least. The kids of today are all easygoing and generally disrespectful. They need to be taught a lesson, especially when it comes to obeying orders from officers of the law. The girl was 15, for the love of God. A bikini is one thing, but to dress up like a stripper is inexcusable. She had it coming.”

Another woman from the area expressed her support: “The officer was damn right to do that. Heck, I would have done it too, if I were him. In my day, girls never dressed like that. She might as well wear nothing if that’s her chosen outfit.”

“McKinney police have placed Casebolt on administrative leave after learning about his actions while responding to the call on Friday. The department is conducting an internal investigation.