Melania Trump: “Immigration Law Doesn’t Prevent Taking Nude Pics To Attract An Old, Wealthy Husband”

Melania Trump – wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump – spoke out on Thursday against accusations that she broke U.S. immigration laws. On Twitter, she posted a statement that said, in part, “In recent days there has been a lot of inaccurate reporting and misinformation concerning my immigration status back in 1996. Let me set the record straight: I have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country. Period.” She was responding to reports that modeling sessions she did when she arrived in the U.S. may have violated the terms of her short-term visa, which prohibited her from doing paid work during her stay.

In an interview with The Chicago Tribune, Mrs. Trump commented on her Tweet, arguing that “immigration is the heart and soul of this country,” as well as that “anyone who would be insane enough to try and play around with that would most likely ruin their chances of ever becoming an American citizen.” “And that is why I made sure to constantly be in full compliance with everything that was asked of me as an immigrant, and I double-checked, sometimes even triple-checked I had every document necessary on my person at all times. I took the whole thing very seriously,” she revealed. “I even went to photo shoots carrying all the documents with me in a specially made Gucci leather bag. They were that important to me.”

Asked to elaborate on the photo shoots she had mentioned during the interview, Melania stated that “they were the reason why I arrived in America in the first place.” “Everybody knows that New York is a fashion capital of the world, one that’s just as important as Paris, Milan or Tokyo. It made sense to try to set up a base of operations here,” she argued. “And the pictures were just another part of the whole story. You know, people have this notion about models. They think supermodels rest all day long and then go to parties at night and throw in an occasional photo shoot in between. But that’s not true at all. Supermodels have very difficult and challenging lives, and they’re burdened with their physical appearance and attractiveness. In fact, most of them wish they weren’t as beautiful as they are.”

She continued, “I was no different. At one point it was either going back home to Slovenia to work at my parents’ farm or hit the road and try to make it big. And no one can blame me for winning the genetic lottery and then using my prize as my meal ticket. Over the years I’ve met countless American supermodels whose mission in life was to find an old, wealthy boyfriend and then marry him. Why should I be subjected to different rules and laws than they are? I know the immigration law and what it says and there is nothing in there about how it’s prohibited to take nude pictures for the purpose of attracting an old, rich husband. In that regard, I’ve broken no laws and should not be punished for anything.”

“And I’ll tell you something else – all those people who are accusing me of having broken the law, they’re all ugly and miserable and unsatisfied with their lives. So they’re taking it out on me and other gorgeous people. But that never works because our outer shell is a mirror image of what each and every one of us is carrying on the inside, of what a person we really are. Bottom line, if you’re ugly – you’re probably a bad person. And that’s why I don’t let ugly people’s comments get the better of me,” Melania Trump concluded, obviously taking a page from her husbands controversial rhetoric.