Melania Trump Suggests “Deporting All Immigrants Except Professionals, Like Top Models”

The wife of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said Wednesday she supports her husband’s hardline positions on immigration, despite the fact she is an immigrant. In an interview with Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Melania Trump, who was born in Slovenia, defended her husband’s explosive attacks on Mexican immigrants, as well as his inflammatory proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. When he kicked off his presidential campaign last summer, Trump infamously said that Mexico was not sending “its best” over the U.S. border, but instead people who are “bringing drugs [and] crime” and who are “rapists.”

“I totally support my husband in any and every endeavor he takes up,” Melania said, adding, “and that also goes for everything he says. My husband is not a reckless man. He has a sharp tongue and that’s what’s got him to where he is today, which for those who don’t know, happens to be the position of one of the richest men in America. So to answer your question – no, I don’t feel like he’s insulted the Mexican people. He only spoke the truth, and although he was ridiculed and mocked when he first stated his opinion about illegal immigrants, pretty soon everybody was saying he was right. I knew that would happen all along.”

The billionaire businessman’s wife also added that she “supports deporting all immigrants to their native countries,” with the exception of “professionals such as top models and…other types of people.” “Because, when you look at it, this country is slowly becoming overcrowded, and the biggest fault for that lies with the Mexicans. It’s as if we’re handing out gold here and every day they rush across the border to get some. I think Donnie should make sure to only leave beautiful female super models here, and deport even the male ones. Because, it’s not like there’s good genes here. We need to spread the gene pool and the best way to do that is to start with women whose job it is to look pretty.”

“Mexicans are short, chubby and brown, and I haven’t really seen a good-looking Mexican woman in a while, apart from the ones who have enormous butts. White women are the most beautiful and everybody agrees on that, and particularly Slavic ones. So, we don’t really need Mexicans, we don’t need Syrian refugees, we don’t need Kenyans, we don’t need nobody. We could use a bit more white Christian people, but that’s all going to be solved after Donnie becomes President. And if by some miracle he doesn’t, well, there’s plenty of other candidates who agree with his position on illegal immigration, if you know what I mean.”