Melania Trump Against U.S. Sanctions To Russia Over Election Hack: “Everybody Has The Right To Free Speech, Including Putin”

Melania Trump will pursue two potentially conflicting initiatives as First Lady, if her daughter-in-law doesn’t claim the honorific title for herself. The Slovenian-born Trump announced shortly before the election that she intended to focus on cyberbullying, despite being married to a notorious cyberbully, although she offered few details about what she would do. Earlier this month, Republican and Democratic senators including Lindsey Graham called for a bipartisan panel to investigate cyber attacks against the United States by foreign countries, with a focus on Russia’s alleged efforts to influence the U.S. presidential election.

However, contrary to expectations conditioned by her newfound position, the future First Lady argued against the announced U.S. sanctions to Russia, regardless of the fact that Graham failed to specify what they would be. “In this day and age of technology and ease of access, I believe it is more important than ever to have the ability to speak freely and openly and express one’s opinions, regardless of who you are and where you come from,” Melania said. “That being said, I would also argue that a line must be drawn somewhere. Freedom of speech should not be mixed with spreading false information and using the Internet to create lies and deception. That is exactly why I am of the opinion that U.S. sanctions against the Russian Federation and its president Vladimir Putin are wrong.”

She continued, “What I’ve always loved about this country is the fact that it nurtures democratic values as a whole, and most predominantly, the freedom to speak up and not be judged for stating your opinion publicly. The greatness of America does not lie in its nuclear warheads, its GDP, it’s awkwardly-superhuman athletes or its multiculturalism; it lies in the fact that every citizen of this country has the absolute equal freedom to speak their mind and be heard by others, including both his peers and those in position. By default, that is the same freedom and treatment we must offer to all other citizens of this planet, for if we continue upholding double standards, then what does that say about us?”

“Therefore, Vladimir Putin should be given the right to free speech as well, because he’s no different in the eyes of God than any other American or human being on this planet,” Mrs. Trump opined. “If he wants to insult us, he can; if he wants to tell lies, he can; if he wants to argue that my husband is a thief and that I’m a former prostitute, he should do so. Because, our victory will be that much sweeter knowing that his lies were not able to shake the foundation of my husband’s presidency. And ultimately, if he wants to hack into top-secret emails and then release information he allegedly found there – this is a free country. But the U.S. should not impose sanctions onto the Russian Federation because, ultimately, that’s what they want. This is an open provocation and my husband is wise enough to see through it,” she concluded.