Men’s Rights Advocate Barbara Kay: ‘Rape Victims Should Be Arrested, Prosecuted’

DETROIT — The first international conference on men’s rights took place last Friday in Detroit and saw over 100 attendees. The focus on the conference was to outline a plan of attack on feminism, or as activist Erin Pizzey called it, “the evil empire.”

Perhaps the most passionate rhetoric came from Barbara Kay, long-time advocate for men’s rights and avid supporter of laws and initiatives that directly contradict her own best interest as a woman. During her speech, she joked about sexual assault on college campuses, saying the “vast majority of female students allegedly raped on campus are actually voicing buyer’s remorse from alcohol-fueled promiscuous behavior involving murky lines of consent on both sides.” Amidst laughs, Kay added, “It’s true. It’s their get-out-of-guilt-free card, you know, like Monopoly.”

But Kay didn’t stop there. The National Post columnist asserted that the time has come to arrest and prosecute rape and assault victims for their wrongdoing, seeing this push as “long overdue.” Said Kay, “It’s about time we saw ‘having a cocktail and talking to the opposite sex’ for what it is – not just an open invitation for men to act on their natural urges but as an aggressive act that coerces men into committing crimes. If that isn’t illegal, I don’t know what legality means.”

The latter part of that statement could actually be true, says feminist lawyer Alex Massey. “The fact that this is taking victim blaming to an even more outlandish level isn’t the only problem here. From a legal perspective, prosecuting a victim is impossible if not completely insane.”

Kay’s declaration of advocacy for legislation that will protect the rights of rapists everywhere found much support amongst conference attendees. “You know, I never thought about that before, but she’s right,” said activist James Ballow of Detroit. “With women everywhere asking for it on a daily basis, why should only men end up in jail?”

Two years ago there were over 1,462,000 men in prison compared to 109,000 women.

Said Ballow, “It’s time we started evening that number out.” Under his breath, Ballow added, “I mean, haven’t you ever seen that documentary ‘Orange Is The New Black?’ Most women are criminals. Crazy, gay criminals.”

Kay is known world-wide for her support of radical and nonsensical ideas that are destructive to progress and detrimental to everyone, including her recent claim that media focus on the misogynistic motivations of the University of California, Santa Barbara shooter is somehow related to the lack of coverage of a shooting at a Nigerian boarding school because… logic. At press time, Kay was unavailable for comment, as she was reportedly working on her next column for The National Post, entitled, “Why Women Are All Just A Big Bunch of Exaggerators? A Woman’s Perspective.”

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