Trump Agrees To “Two Syrian Refugees For Every Mexican That Immigrates To Syria”

“Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Friday that the Syrian refugee crisis is “so horrible” that he would consider allowing the U.S. to accept some of the displaced refugees. When asked whether the United States should assist European countries and accept some of the refugees on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Trump said, “We have so many problems, and the answer is, possibly, yes.”

But he added that Europe is “handling it” and that “Germany has been very generous, so far which is very surprising to me, I have to be honest.” More than 350,000 people have sought asylum in Europe so far in 2015, and the week’s news has been filled with stories of refugees struggling and in some cases dying in the process of trying to reach sanctuary. Germany’s government said last month it expected up to 800,000 asylum seekers to come this year.

However, in his traditionally recognizable style, the real-estate mogul also let his tongue off the chain during an exclusive interview with Newslo, saying that “the world seems to be brimming with refugees at the moment,” and that “people fleeing from Syria would be wise to have some sort of a trade-off with Mexicans.”

“To be honest, I really see no other solution to this problem, and I’ve been thinking about this for some time now,” Trump said during the interview. “What I’m thinking is some sort of trade-off between Syrian refugees and illegal immigrants from Mexico. Of course, the United States would have to be involved somehow. Maybe we could accept two Syrian refugees for every Mexican that agrees to immigrate to Syria, something like that.”

“If you think about it, it’s the perfect solution. We get rid of Mexican criminals who pretend to be immigrants and at the same time, we receive the gratitude of Syrians who will be glad to have the opportunity to escape the war in their home country. It’s a win-win situation. It’s actually perfect, nobody can argue that,” Trump added.

The Republican front-runner’s lead in the polls has been seriously threatened by Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon-turned-politician, who has been surging in the polls nationally. “Once we’ve assimilated Syrian refugees, America will once again be able to take its rightful place as the leader of the new world order,” said the sharp-tongued businessman. “And If I’m president, not only will I create new jobs, but I will also reform the army in such a way that the words “U.S. military” will mean something once again. As for Mexicans who voluntarily agree to immigrate to Syria, they might not even have to do it legally. They might pass for natives, with their skin color and all.”

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