Fox News Claims Michael Brown was Armed With ‘Large, Black Body’

FERGUSON, Mo. – Fox News this week disputed using the term “unarmed teenager” to describe Ferguson, Missouri resident Michael Brown, a black 18 year-old who was shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson earlier this month. Fox News contributor Linda Chavez suggested that Brown was armed, specifically with a “large, black body.”

“You know, that description in and of itself actually colors the way in which we look at this story,” said Chavez on an episode of Fox & Friends. “We’re talking about an 18-year-old man who is six foot four and weighs almost three hundred pounds. That’s a very large, black body he has at his disposal should things turn violent, as of course we know they did.” As Chavez made her comments on the program, a graphic beneath her read “Is ‘Unarmed Teen’ Description Misleading?”

This was not the first time that Chavez has argued that calling Brown an “unarmed teen” was misleading. In an op-ed written for the New York Post, she claimed “The actual images of Brown on the [convenience store surveillance] video surely do not bring to mind a harmless teen. Instead, they remind you of the sort of bio-engineered death soldiers usually only seen in superhero movies. The fact is, we have no way knowing whether or not Michael Brown was trained to kill.”

“I have to say, just looking at the guy scares me,” agreed Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy. “You know, those people can kill you with just their thumb. People talk about wanting to register gun owners, what about registering all these massive black men?”

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