Heather Nauert: “Midget DeVito Thinks That We’re All Racist Because He’s Scared Of Big, Black Men”

The four hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday argued that Danny DeVito had been wrong to cite racism as one of the causes of this year’s all-white Oscar nominees. While at the Sundance Film Festival recently, DeVito had lamented living in “a racist country.” “We are living in a country that discriminates and has certain racist tendencies,” he said. “So sometimes it manifests in things like [Oscar nominations], and it’s illuminated. But just generally speaking, we’re a bunch of racists.”

“That’s just great,” Fox News’ Heather Nauert replied sarcastically, “We’ve got a midget who thinks he’s figured out everything that’s wrong with America, and he’s managed to accomplish all that without even using a ladder to climb to a better vantage point. What an achievement.” “And to all those who are wondering how something like this could happen,” she added, “this is what you get when you allow a 4’11’ ugly, bald middle-aged person to become an actor and live the American dream. He becomes full of himself and starts forgetting who it was that made him famous.”

She added: “But, I don’t think he should be blamed for what he’s saying, or taken seriously, for that matter. I mean, with that kind of height, it must be intimidating when you have to co-star next to a 6-foot black guy who steals all the attention of the ladies on set. And most importantly, I don’t think he’s just scared of big, black men – he must also feel threatened by them sexually. Given his physique, he must have lost a lot of girlfriends to African-American men in his youth. So, in a way, it’s understandable. Those kind of emotional scars have a tough time healing. I mean, from a woman’s perspective, I just love big, strong men, especially if they’re black. I wouldn’t have sex with DeVito if he was the last man on Earth.”

“And besides,” she continued, “his opinion about racism in America couldn’t be more wrong. I guess he forgot about cabinet secretaries being African-American. Oh, the president, too. So, it really makes no sense to pay attention to anything that man is saying. He is clearly delusional. The air down there must be very thin, causing him to not think clearly. I think we ought to start a petition to get Danny DeVito a pair of permanent prosthetic stilts. What better way to show him that there’s no discrimination in this country whatsoever than helping short people live normal lives?”

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