Rep. Mike Rogers Says US Soldiers Needed In Syria And Iraq; “Russia And China Wouldn’t Be A Bad Place For Them, Either”

” Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, stated recently that a coherent strategy is what the US fight against ISIS needs, in order to allow the conflict to stretch over several decades.

“The US is taking really small pecks at a very big problem”, Rogers said in his interview during “Face the Nation” on CBS. He added that “the best solution for the current situation and a more effective fight would be to deploy US and British Special Forces to fight alongside moderate Syrian, Kurdish and local Iraqi forces on the ground.”

However, Mr. Rogers also stated that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring the fight over to two other adversaries that have had a long history of conflicts with the US.

“Not to say that I’m trying to pick a fight, but it’s pure logic: while we’ve got troupes on the ground, why not send them further northeast and see if they can’t cause a ruckus with the Chinks and the Ruskies? It wouldn’t even be called “picking a fight”; one might characterize it as “calling the other guy(s’) bluff”, Rogers eagerly spoke out in a single breath, with a notable spark in his eye.

“Ever since the whole Saddam thing started back in the 90’s, just when we thought we’ve got ‘em, they became a huge thorn in our butt. If you really think about it, this is almost an ideal opportunity to give ‘em the old “divide & conquer” routine.

Our special forces certainly know how to make it look like someone else did it; after all, they’ve been doing it throughout the globe: Africa, the Balkans etc. If I was the Commander in chief, we’d be sending our boys there in no time”, he concluded with an ominous smirk.