Mitch McConnell News: “Trumpcare’s Defeat By Democrats Proves That Only Republicans Believe In Poor People’s Right To Health”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempted to blame Democrats for the failure of the law known as Trumpcare that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. During a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, McConnell said that it was sad that Democrats were celebrating the failure of the Republican Party’s bill.

Neither McConnell nor President Trump ever reached out to Democrats on the bill and Democrats refused to deal on a bill that would “repeal and replace Obamacare.” Instead, they have said they prefer to “fix Obamacare.” “These are not just numbers on a page, these are real people,” McConnell said. Recent polling reveals the majority of Americans want to keep Obamacare.

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Mitch McConnell News: Truly Disappointed by the Fact that his Fellow Americans

After his speech at the Senate, McConnell told portal that he was “truly disappointed” by the fact that his fellow Americans, regardless of the fact that some of them “only differ” in political views, still failed to realize that Trumpcare is “a better health care system than Obamacare will ever be.” “I am sad and also a bit hurt that I was standing in a room where nearly half of the people shot down a historic opportunity to make this country a better place for all citizens, and especially poor people,”

McConnell Said

“The only thing that separates us in there is our political views and that’s it. Take that away and you have a room full of Americans who are supposed to be on the same page when it comes to what needs to be done in this country. Apparently, I was wrong.”

He continued, “The defeat of Trumpcare demonstrated – in my eyes, at least – that only Republicans in this country, and more importantly, in the Senate, believe in poor people’s right to health. That’s the message I got in there just now. Because, at this point, it’s preposterous to even consider any Democrat will ever be open to the idea of Trumpcare replacing former President Obama’s health care system.

By definition, that means that Republicans are the only ones who are working hard to give poor people free health care. President Trump is faced with numerous problems right now, the fake news lobby, the media’s persecution, the Russia investigation, he’s got a lot on his plate right now. And still he found the time to roll up his sleeves and come up with something for those of who have nothing.”

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All Democrats Ever do is Talk.

They talk about liberalism, they talk about equality, they talk about LGBTQ rights, they talk about freedom of choice and what not, and yet, at the same time, they deny the freedom of free health care for the poorest citizens of this country. Because, that’s what they proved when they shot down Trumpcare. They’re all talk and no show. However, it’s the Republicans’ fault that’s the case, right?

Somehow, they will found a way to blame it all on traditionalism and traditional values. Well, let me tell you something: Democrats just deprived millions of poor Americans free health care. That’s the same as rounding them up and stuffing them into gas chambers for execution like the Nazis used to do. It’s the same thing, only the Nazis made quick work of it. The Democrats made sure poor people’s deaths will be slow and agonizing,” McConnell concluded.

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