Mitch McConnell On Obama: “Give The Man A Break, Sexual Abstinence Can Be Very Stressful”

“Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to be on both a personal and professional mission to destroy the Obama presidency. Showing the Republicans he can govern, on one hand, and satisfying their crazies on the other is only part of the difficult challenge that McConnell is faced with, but that doesn’t seem to diminish his ability to boast harsh words.

“Characterized as both unserious and radical about governing, the GOP is currently struggling with its slightly unexpected new-old Senate position, although winning the midterms doesn’t actually translate into governing anything; not yet, at least.

“Politics is known to be a dirty game, and if McConnell is going to get it on in a veto battle with the President, he better make sure he’s in a battle he actually has a chance of winning, such as eliminating the employer mandate, for example.

“Nobody is trying to deny the relevance and significance of President Obama; he is, after all, the first African-American president in the history of our great nation, and that, in its own right, is a fact that will echo through the years. However, we must not let something as impressive as that turn our attention from the problems we are facing right now, which President Obama has failed to resolve”, McConnell said to Newslo.

He added: “the press wants to make it look like I’ve got him in my crosshairs; I’ve got no problem with him personally. It’s what he’s been doing and what he’s planning to do that bothers me. It’s not that I’m not sympathetic, either. I mean, I can imagine how sexual abstinence must influence the man’s judgment and nerves. In fact, I really think that the first thing he should do after he steps down in 2016 is go to the nearest strip club, it’ll do wonders for him. He certainly deserves it. Meanwhile, he should let us deal with things like ISIS, the Keystone pipeline, immigration reform and that the damn Obamacare.”

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