Monica Lewinski Creates Twitter Account; Says Next Step Is Opening A Dating School

“Monica Lewinski, a former intern in the White House who became famous after having an affair with then-President Bill Clinton, has worked incredibly hard to stay away from public life in the past decade or so. Responding to the media hype that didn’t seem to go away after her love affair with President Clinton, she decided to move to London in order to allow herself some fresh air.

“However, Lewinski recently decided it was time to reemerge into public life, and started by creating a twitter account, after which she even posted her first tweet: “#HereWeGo.” It took her no more than a few hours to gather a follower base of more than 20, 000 and that was to be expected; the public interest in Miss Lewinski has not lost momentum during her absence from the headlines (quite the opposite).

“And then I thought: why stop there? When I sum up the majority of my life, minus the last 10 or so years, I have nothing to show for…except for being in the arms of one of the sexiest and most powerful men in the world, at the time. That might not be a career success per se, but I know for a fact that there are millions of women out there who want to be involved with powerful men. So, I figured, why shouldn’t I help them do just that? And if I happen to make a buck or two in the process, that’s great”, Lewinski said in an interview to Fox News.

Miss Lewinski claims that she plans to open her dating school somewhere in Washington D.C. (for obvious reasons) and is already scouting for a location. What’s interesting that she has already spoken to women from all around the world eager to learn her woing secrets.

“I’ll do my best to cover everything of importance in my classes. We’ll start with “Getting Their Attention 101” and “Plausible Deniability For Begginers”. And for those extra-tallented, I recommend reading my book “How To Bag Yourself A President” before coming to class”, Lewinski concluded.