Demi Moore Leaks Nude Photos For Promotional Gain

LOS ANGELES — Demi Moore flaunted her hot bod in a collection of nude pictures, which she posted on Twitter Saturday morning. She wore only a Santa hat with the caption, “Happy Holidays To All!” Minutes later she clarified, “except to Ashton and that ‘70s hoe.”

Moore’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, denies the photos are real, and has threatened a lawsuit against whoever Photoshopped them.

“Those photos are 100-percent fake,” declared Huvane. “I don’t care that the photos came directly from Demi’s Twitter. She’s good with Photoshop, she could have edited them herself.”

Huvane later recanted the statement, recognizing that, if Moore did edit the photos, he would be encouraging Moore to file a lawsuit against herself.

“I didn’t Photoshop anything,” Moore stated at a Beverly Hills press conference Sunday. “I don’t even know what Photoshop is.”

Moore claims she leaked the photos hoping to boost publicity for her upcoming movie G.I. Jane II, with expected release in summer 2013. “We all know what I look like in uniform,” she said. “I figured audiences might want a sneak peak of what I look like when I’m getting-off – off-duty!”

The actress plans to Tweet more nude photos in the next several months leading up to the film’s theatrical release.