Moving During the Pandemic: 5 Things to Watch Out For

Believe it or not, fall is the best time to move. But, with the current state of the world due to Covid-19, you may be wondering what you need to do to keep you and your loved ones safe while transitioning to a new home.

Moving during pandemic warnings can be a frightening undertaking, but here are a few tips you can put to use during the process.

1. Finding the Right Moving Company

With so many people dealing with job loss, and many more families having to abruptly move, there are countless people claiming to be professional movers.

To be sure you are actually dealing with a professional moving company, check for the following:

  • A company website
  • Reviews
  • Prices
  • How long the company has been in business
  • A professional business email and phone number

You will also want to ask the right questions when finding a company to move you during the coronavirus pandemic. Check to see if the company and its workers are considered essential workers.

Checking to see if the company you are working with is covered against coronavirus restrictions will prevent any mishaps on moving day.

You may save money if you choose to have friends or family move you. However, unlike when you work with a professional moving company, you will not be protected against possible road restrictions for nonessential-workers and scheduling uncertainties.

2. Cancellations

Once you have found the right moving company for you, be sure to ask about their cancellation policy.

You will want to make sure that you are able to get any deposits or payments back if you need to cancel or postpone a move due to Covid-19 related reasons.

3. Weather

Fall seems to be the perfect type of weather to move in.

Its typically never too hot or too cold. Yet, fall can present some unexpected challenges with its unpredictable weather patterns.

A slightly chilly fall day can quickly turn into an icy rainstorm. Be sure to plan ahead to see what the weather may be like for your moving day.

Some movers may cancel a move if they deem the weather to be unsafe, or they may charge extra if they have to move in certain temperatures or weather conditions.

4. Safety and Restrictions

Your area may choose to enforce a coronavirus-related curfew, so be sure to schedule a time with your movers that comply with any state restrictions.

Prior to your move be sure to already have your items packed and opt not to use packing services from movers to prevent the spread of illness.

Clean and sanitize your belongings before and after your move. Also, be sure to minimize the amount of contact you have with movers and keep a safe distance.

5. Storage

If you need to move out of your current place before your new house is ready, you can contact storage facilities well in advance to secure a unit for your items.

You can ask questions about moving materials, shipping container sales, and online web payment.

Paying your storage unit fee online will minimize the amount of physical contact you have. Additionally, calling ahead will limit the amount of time you have to spend in person at a storage facility.

Moving During Pandemic Cases

Coronavirus cases continue to rise as the weather begins to cool down. But, moving during pandemic restrictions and warnings doesn’t have to scare you. Don’t let the rise in Covid-19 cases deter you from making the choice to quarantine in your newly purchased condo.

Following these tips are sure to make your move a bit easier!

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