Murdoch: “Obama And Kaepernick Are Mullato Tragedies, They Should Learn From Real Blacks Like Ben Carson”

Rupert Murdoch, the 84-year-old white Australian billionaire who owns pretty much every awful major right-wing media outlet you can think of, is on Twitter. And he has a lot to say. Yesterday, for example, he sent a tweet in which he suggested that President Obama isn’t a “real black president” – not like Ben Carson would be, anyway. As you might expect, Twitter was fast and furious in its negative response, suggesting that maybe an 84-year-old white Australian billionaire should not be deciding who is and isn’t “really black.”

Asked to comment on his controversial tweet in a telephone interview, Murdoch told Fox News that he “wasn’t aware” that his words would hurt other people who aren’t, in fact, President Barack Obama. However, that’s not the worst part. The billionaire was shameless enough to express his views on the recent incident involving former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand during a pre-game playing of the national anthem. “I’ll be very careful now to not include anyone else in what I’m about to say: I really think both President Obama and the quarterback are nothing else but mullato tragedies and your country would do better without them,” he said.

Asked to elaborate on his offensive tone, the Australian billionaire referred to Obama and Kaepernick as “a disgrace for the black race,” and said that, while they should not be blamed for “the transgressions of their parents,” they should, however, be honest to their heritage. “It’s like when you have oil and you add milk to it, the blackness kind of dissipates and you’re left with neither one, really. It’s the same with bi-racial children, especially those who completely ignore their white heritage and go on living their lives pretending that they’re black, when in fact, they’re not quite there and they’ll never be,” he added.

“Ben Carson, on the other hand,” he continued, “Ben Carson is a true representative of the African American race and he would have been the best president in the history of your country. Just look at him, he used to be doctor, a neurosurgeon, and he didn’t stop there, when he retired, he couldn’t just sit around doing nothing. He had to find something else to do, and you know, you don’t have much room to go up from being a neurosurgeon, to be honest. So, he did the only logical thing – he ran for President, and he should have won.”

“Not to mention, and this is just a minor bonus, but he’s Republican, so there’s also that,” Murdoch added laughingly. “And both Obama and Kaepernick should be taking lessons from him, about his worldview, about his position on politics, climate change and a whole range of other things. If I were either one of those two, I would not leave the house in the morning without shoe polish or make up on my face, because I wouldn’t want to insult my countrymen. Carson doesn’t have to worry about that, though, he’s made his race proud,” Murdoch concluded.