MyCleanPC: Computer Optimization For Remote Workers

Cluttered homes can make their occupants feel lethargic. The same can be said of cluttered computers which are noticeably slow and error-prone. This is a big problem among those who are currently working from home. They rely heavily on their PC to get their jobs done so anything that could affect their productivity is a concern. Fortunately, there are ways to solve the problem from different angles. You could even use software tools for automated troubleshooting. There is no need to call for a technician when you have a powerful program like MyCleanPC.

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Remove Unnecessary Files to Free Up Disk Space

No matter how big a hard drive maybe, it will eventually reach its limit if owners keep adding files and programs to the system. Computers will start slowing down as the drive inches towards its full capacity. Removing unnecessary files is a must. This can be performed manually with videos and other large files as the priority. An easier way would be to scan the system using MyCleanPC to find every single temporary file, cached record, junk file, and so on. Once it has finished scanning, users can free up disk space in one click. The computer should get an immediate boost in speed.

Clean Up Browsing Records and Tracking Files

What’s great about this software is that it can also clean up the things that are related to your Internet activities. It’s a nice addition for those who are conscious about protecting their privacy. For example, it can scan browsing history, tracking records, temporary Internet files, recently typed URLs, download history, session logs, and other saved information. Deleting cookies prevent advertisers from knowing your every movement on the Web. Clean these up regularly to keep your data confidential.

Manage Startup Files to Speed Up Boot Time

Knowing when the computer begins to slow down can help immensely in determining how to speed things up. For example, you might check the free space on the drive and see that there is still plenty of cushion. Maybe the system is only slow initially but things pick up after passing this hurdle. This is a clue that you may have too many startup programs enabled. The operating system is trying to launch them all upon boot-up so you get a bottleneck at this point. MyCleanPC provides a startup tool that lets you see every program that is causing this problem. Simply uncheck those that do not need to be open right away. You can always open them manually when you need them.

Find Duplicate Files and Streamline

Another handy tool within MyCleanPC is the duplicate finder. The software can scan for repeat filenames so that you can remove the excess and free up more space. This is a common occurrence for those who transfer lots of files between systems and store items on external drives. For example, you might have already copied your music archive to a certain folder but forgot about it. You end up copying the same things on another folder without realizing that these are duplicates. You can save several gigabytes of space using this tool so make the most of it. You might be surprised about all the twin files that you have been keeping.

Faster computers mean higher productivity. At the very least, your system will not hold you back from finishing your tasks as fast as humanly possible. The increased speed is also good for your mental health as you will no longer get frustrated with your unit or worry about upcoming deadlines. With MyCleanPC, you can just focus on doing your best work every day and proving that you can work from home effectively.