Navy Practices New ‘Shaming’ Technique on Rape Victim

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The United States Navy today announced the successful beta test of “Operation Slut-Shame,” a new strategy designed to humiliate and degrade detainees until their will to resist is completely broken.

According to officials, the genesis of the operation came after an analysis of the military’s procedures for handling the escalating number of sexual assaults within its ranks over the last several years.  Its triumphant roll-out was completed this month with the trial of three Naval Academy Midshipmen who are accused of raping a female classmate at an off-campus party.

“We could not be more pleased with the results” said Rear Admiral Paul Tevins, who was instrumental in Slut-Shame’s development.  “Normally, when a woman testifies against three people who violated her in the most grotesque way imaginable, you would expect a certain element of dignity from the proceedings and those running them.  But we barraged her with questions regarding whether or not she wore underwear the night of the rape, if she ever classified herself as a ‘ho’, and asked her to demonstrate exactly how far she opens her mouth during oral sex.”

“I think the results speak for themselves,” Tevins said. “All traces of dignity and humanity were sucked from that courtroom.”

Operation Slut-Shame is expected to be used extensively on inmates at Guantanamo Bay and other black sites around the world.  While critics have claimed that sexually harassing suspected terrorists will not prevent attacks on Western interests, Tevins also pointed to the project’s effect on investigator’s morale.  “Look,” said Tevins, “this stuff is kind of hot.  Throw us a bone; we don’t get a lot of titillation in the Navy.”

The victim herself had nothing but praise for the innovative psy-ops technique.  “It really put me through the ringer,” said the woman who was raped and unwittingly used as a psychological warfare beta tester.  “I asked for it to stop several times – and I was only subjected to questioning for 20 hours.  Surely, after that, an enemy combatant will not be able to muster the self-respect to get out of bed in the morning, never mind kill innocent civilians.”

“I can tell you right now,” she added.   “I’ll never say something the Navy doesn’t want to hear ever again.”

“We have no doubt that Operation Slut-Shame will be an effective weapon in the War on Terror and the fight against Al Qaeda,” said Tevins.  “And it is a battle that must be won.  Do you know how terribly those people treat women?”