NBA Quarter-Season Superlatives

Best Dressed: Andrew Bynum

With a nagging knee injury exacerbated by a trip to the bowling alley, Andrew Bynum was a shoo-in for this category. The 7-foot tall center has been spotted at the end of the bench in the Wells Fargo Center rocking some swanky double-breasted Valentino suits this season. Looks like Bynum brought his style over from LA, if nothing else.

Mr. Congeniality: Matt Barnes

Barnes has seven technical fouls, one flagrant and over 70 personal fouls this season, making him the clear winner for this category. That behavior has definitely led to a few extra points for opponents—talk about generosity! The Clippers’ 32-year-old gives the term “charity stripe” a whole meaning.

Most Underwhelming Rookie: Kendall Marshall

Marshall, who was drafted 13th overall by Phoenix, is currently playing with the Bakersfield Jam in the D-league. Don’t worry Kendall, Jeremy Lin did some time in the D-league too—although we’re not quite sure how that story ends.

Most Likely to Win an Oscar: The entire cast team of the Brooklyn Nets

Bet you thought Anderson Varejao was the clear winner for this category. Nope. After the NBA implemented its “no flopping” policy this season, just two players have been fined for flopping more than once, both of them proud members of the Brooklyn Nets. New city, new habits?

Least Likely to Make the Game Winning Shot: Marcus Camby

There were actually a lot of contenders for this one, but Marcus Camby takes it, shooting 0% from the field in six games played. Granted he’s only averaging 0.7 shots per game, but he wins by seniority. Sounds like Camby could use a run-in or two with Barnes to boost that average.

Least Likely to Make a Comeback: Brian Scalabrine

At the end of every season, players announce their retirement. It’s how the game works. Sometimes, they come back. That’s probably not in the cards for the White Mamba though. Although, he did just announce he could beat anyone in Boston one-on-one. Perhaps Brian has a future in basketball after all.