I Need Quick Cash: 10 Top Ways to Get Money When You Need It Fast

We can’t predict what life throws at us… but we can adapt.

An emergency fund is a great thing to have for unexpected moments. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privy of having one. This puts things in a bind when those unexpected bills (or opportunities) pop up.

Knowing a few ways to get quick cash when it’s needed is really handy.

What are some of the quickest ways to get money without overwhelming yourself? Try one, or all, of the suggestions outlined in this roundup!

Here are the details below

1. Pawn Stuff

Pawnshops are plentiful and not nearly as skeezy as they’re made out to be. You can get quick cash for everyday goods when in a pinch. They’ll even hold that item for a few weeks if you come up with money and want it back.

2. Sell Stuff

Pawning items isn’t your thing? Consider selling stuff via:

Look for things people want such as electronics, jewelry, and clothes. Be ready to haggle but also okay with letting things go since you need fast cash.

3. Donate Plasma

Plasma donation takes about 2 to 3 hours for your first visit. The follow-ups are faster since they have you in their system. Each trip could net about $40 to $100 depending on bonuses and referrals.

4. Get a Quick Loan

You can get quick cash the same day when working with online lenders. The terms are generally higher than bank-backed loans. However, it’s certainly an option when you need more than a few bucks to float through the day.

5. Sell Your Labor

There are plenty of services that you can do with free time:

  • Dog walking
  • Babysitting
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Delivery

A bit of experience certainly helps, but you don’t need any real training to explore these options. See what labor you could offer and put your name out there. Or use one of the many gig apps to connect and find quick paying work.

6. Sell Your Knowledge

Don’t like getting your hands dirty? Sell what you know instead!

Do this exercise:

  1. Think about what you know or do on a daily basis
  2. Research who else is doing it through gig apps and job sites
  3. Create an enticing pitch and profile, and start promoting yourself

You’ll find plenty of people willing to pay for services. From tutoring to web marketing, see what opportunity is out there!

7. Pick up a Shift or Ask for Overtime

“Quick” is subjective in this money-making opportunity, but you can’t deny its validity! See if anyone is taking time off and pick up an extra shift. Or, ask your employer if there are any opportunities for overtime.

8. Ask

Look… we all get in tough spots from time to time. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. Start a GoFundMe or reach out to friends, family, or local charities. People are willing to help (just don’t burn that bridge).

9. Get an Advance

There are a few apps that’ll front you money — like:

  • Varo
  • Chime
  • Brigit

These paycheck advance apps are handy when you’re in a pinch. Otherwise, you could always ask your employer if they could float you funds until payday.

10. Scrap/Flip Found Stuff

Take a cruise around apartment complexes and the suburbs. Look for items set out by the trash and collection areas. You could scrap metal items at a local junkyard. Or flip them with a bit of DIY and re-listing them on OfferUp or Let Go.

Get Out of the “Quick Cash” Mindset

It’s good to know a few ways to get quick cash when the time calls. But, it’s also important that you don’t get too reliant on them. Get back into long-term success through education, career goals, and smart budgeting.

Stay ahead of what life throws at you by learning everything you can!

Check out all the great guides and tutorials here on the site. You’ll get everything needed to adapt when the time comes. Good luck out there!