This is What You Need to Know About Building a Shipping Container Office

As a business owner, you practically eat, sleep, and breathe your work. You’re not alone. In fact, the average person spends more than 13 years of their life at work.

That means you need to create an office space that you’ll enjoy using every day.

However, commercial real estate is expensive and turning a building into a custom space can be impossible on a tight budget.

Building out a shipping container office is a great alternative, but where do you start? Here’s what you need to know about this affordable option.

Make Sure It’s Allowed

Before you can start building out a shipping container office, you need to make sure it’s allowed. Some cities and counties put restrictions on the types of buildings you can add to a property.

If they allow shipping containers to get used for temporary or permanent structures, you’re ready to start shopping. However, if they don’t allow them, you’ll have to explore other options.

Defying the local zoning laws and adding one anyway will likely earn you a hefty fine. Worse, the city can ask you to remove the office permanently.

Think About How Much Work You Want to Do

There’s more to buying containers than choosing the first one you find. You need to think about how much work you want to put into your office before you can buy a container.

If you’re shopping on a budget or want to customize the space, a plain unaltered cargo container will work best. They’re cheaper, but you will have to finish the space out with insulation, flooring, windows, and electrical wiring.

For business owners looking for a turn-key solution, a finished container may be the best choice. These come with flooring, insulation, and even HVAC systems already installed. All you need to do is bring your office equipment!

Inspect Each Cargo Container

The most important thing you can do when buying cargo containers is to inspect each one you’re interested in.

If possible, try to view the containers in person.

Walk around the exterior and look for visible signs of rust and weak points in the metal. Check the interior for damage and dents and think about how you can utilize the space. This will help you decide if the container is the right size for your needs and if it’s in good enough condition to turn into an office space.

If you can’t view the container in person, you can search for a cargo container inspector and hire them to check it out for you.

Ready to Build a Shipping Container Office?

Finding the perfect office space is tough, but building a shipping container office can make getting a custom office affordable and fast. Just make sure you remember to stick to your budget and take your time to find the right container for your space.

With the right design, a cargo container can give you the office space you need for years to come.

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