New York Jets Give Fans A Belated Tebow Christmas

NEW YORK — Jets head coach Rex Ryan revealed yesterday the team’s plan to celebrate the holiday’s and offer fans a late Christmas present by starting Tim Tebow at quarterback the final game of the season.

“I know this may be a bit late seeing as Christmas was Tuesday and, well, it’s week 17, but what better Christmas present to give Jets fans than to start the holy one himself at quarterback for the final game of the season and his final game as a Jet?” boasted Rex Ryan.

Despite losing over 100 pounds, Ryan is doing his best Santa Claus impersonation after a long, tumultuous season. Ryan’s job security is in question after another disappointing season in which he failed to utilize Tim Tebow and suffered through numerous embarrassing losses. The 6-9 Jets see this as an opportunity to end the season on a high note.

“I know this has been a tough year for Jets fans so I want to give them what they have been asking for all season,” said Ryan. “It’s never too late to spread holiday cheer. Plus Woody Johnson threatened to fire me if I don’t start Tebow.”

The fact that Ryan made the announcement to start Tebow in a Santa Claus suit may be seen as a bit over the top, but it certainly falls in line with the way the Jets team has been run under Ryan’s tenure as head coach.