News Crew Quarantined Under Order By Politicians Fearing Apocalypse

NEW JERSY РIt should come as no surprise that in recent weeks there has been a heightened awareness of public health hazards that threaten the well being of the public. Government agencies, law enforcement, medical professionals, and even airlines have taken to new guidelines to try and prevent the spread of diseases across the country. However, one news crew is finding those guidelines rather Рsolitary.

According to reports a news crew recently returned from Liberia have been taken into custody for Quarantine. The reason? Zombie Apocalypse.

As shocking as this sounds, it seems that local officials were weary on taking the chance that the walking dead could, in fact, become a reality on the streets of New Jersey. While no names have been released, facts on the case have been made known to the public.

Sources from New Jersey Department of Health report that the members of the news crew who work for an affiliate of a major news outlet were recently on assignment in the African country of Liberia. The crew, whose names have not yet been released, were apparently traveling a region of the country where the Ebola virus had wiped out whole villages.

So, why are they being quarantined now?

Apparently footage recovered from the crew’s trip, indicate that some of the dead affected by the virus, reanimated hours after their demise. Sources say that while the crew may not exhibit signs or symptoms of Ebola, they could however be infected with a mutant strain that could cause them to become part of the walking dead.

This new order for mandatory quarantine was not a surprise to some. While on location, the news crew’s cameraman did become infected with the Ebola Virus. The other member’s of the crew had agreed to a state of voluntary quarantine upon return to the United States as per the standards for those considered to be at low probability for infection. Despite the fact that the rest of the members of said crew remain symptom free, the suggestion that the virus had mutated to reanimate the dead remains a concern for local politicians.

Be that as it may, sources close to the Health Department have said that the quarantine order came down from other levels of government. Rumors abound that evidence this strain of Ebola creates Zombies has politician’s clamoring to eliminate the problem before it gets started. All footage of the trip to Liberia has been seized for review while the news crew has gone into quarantine and are unavailable for comment at this time.