Newslo Announces Launch of Arbitrary Statistics Sports Feed

NEW YORK — In an effort to capitalize on social media and appease the high demand for fun facts and stats around the sports world, Newslo has announced the launch of an Arbitrary Statistics Twitter feed.

Newslo will tweet live updates about the least important, most ridiculous and largely untrue happenings in sports. Followers can expect to be flooded with a plethora of information, much like the following:

Did you know Los Angeles Lakers’ Metta World Peace was the first player to punch a fan and be named the league’s Mr. Congeniality for the 2004 season?

How about that during the 2012 World Series, San Francisco Giants’ Pablo Sandoval became the fourth player ever to hit three homeruns in a World Series game and the first to do so while battling head lice?

You never would have guessed that New York Jets’ Tim Tebow was a two-time NCAA champion in football and rifle shooting as well as a Rhodes Scholar.

Not only will the incredibly enlightening Twitter feed keep fans up-to-date on the most pointless stats and facts about players, but it will also provide in-game live tweet coverage.

Followers can expect insights such as the following: With that two-yard gain on third-and-six, Adrian Peterson just became the first player to rush for 110 yards in a single game and have a hit song on the Billboard Top 100 chart #HeartOfAChampion #WatchOutJustinBieber #AndEmmittSmith.

Sports fans around the nation have already expressed their approval.

“It’s about time someone put all of the important stuff in one place,” Joe Stout of Montana said. “Just the other day I was watching the Bobcats play the Thunder and ESPN announced it was the biggest blowout in Cats history, but knowin’ that ain’t gonna impress no one. Jeffrey Taylor switchin’ from his usual Gatorade to Irish coffee at halftime, now that’s the stuff I can talk to the boys about.”

To join Stout and others in their quest for dangerous amounts of useless knowledge, head on over to