#NNTS: You Won’t Believe Where This Alabama Candidate Filmed Himself

Many people do their best thinking in the bathroom. It’s quiet, isolated, peaceful—the perfect setting for deep contemplation. But few are brave enough to film their time on the toilet, and even fewer post those videos online.

Alabama congressional candidate Erick Wright (D) is apparently not too bashful. Wright, who is hoping to serve the Yellowhammer State’s 2nd Congressional District next term, recently went where few aspiring politicians dare to go: He filmed himself discussing a pressing political matter, and did it while sitting on the john.

Odd behavior, maybe. But what Wright did next should by all means earn him political stardom: He titled the piece “Politics on the Throne,” and uploaded it to YouTube.

In the two-minute-long video, Wright—perched on his thunder box—argues that state and local governments intrude into the lives of their citizens far more often—and with more palpable consequences—than does the federal government. He correctly observes that the media, Fox News in particular, and activist groups like the Tea Party, expend excessive energy complaining about Big Government when it’s the feds who are supposedly at fault, but don’t care or fail to notice when states or cities overstep.

Does he have a point? Probably—but the message might have had a greater impact if it hadn’t been delivered mid-crap.

Usually, a video like this would ruin a candidate’s political prospects. But maybe it’s not all bad—perhaps voters in his district will be wooed by Wright’s video. It certainly demonstrates his multitasking abilities, as well as his remarkable candor. Maybe they’ll watch “Politics on the Throne” and see a bold and uncompromising leader, a man with unique vision, who see the issues differently and isn’t shy about speaking his mind.

Or maybe they’ll just think it stinks.