Nobel Committee to Award Peace Prize to Nobel Peace Prize Committee

OSLO, Norway – The Nobel Peace Prize Committee will reportedly award the next Peace Prize to itself, according to the Oslo Ledger.

The news is relatively unsurprising given the committee’s recent bewildering choices. The awards bestowed unto President Barack Obama, politician and activist Al Gore, former President Jimmy Carter, and the most recent recipient, the European Union, have all sparked great controversy.

In a print statement, the committee cited its “dedication for over a century to promoting peace” as the reason behind the decision. “There is no greater act of peace, we feel, than arbitrarily designating certain people and groups, some more deserving than others, as globally significant peacekeepers,” the statement continues.

Not everyone is so pleased with the Committee’s self-laudatory pat on the back, however. One commenter on the Oslo Ledger’s online edition writes, “So Gandhi doesn’t get one, Eleanor Roosevelt doesn’t get one, but your sorry asses get one? ROFLMFAO.”