North Korea Shocked at America’s Military Spending and Poverty

PYONGYANG – During an after party celebrating North Korea’s successful missile launch, Kim Jong-un reportedly expressed strong sentiments about the American economy and military spending habits.

“I am very concerned about the future of America,” North Korea’s supreme leader explained. “They are recovering from a terrible recession, they are struggling with healthcare reforms and also dealing with obesity issues – America should look to us because we have none of those problems.”

Communist party representatives explained that with no healthcare coverage, there are no complaints about reforms and with not enough food for everyone there are no health complications due to obesity. When addressing the recovering economy and the U.S.’s military spending, the supreme leader offered the U.S. a lesson in economics.

“The input, must be greater than the output. In the U.S. they spend all their money on weapons and war, if instead they sold their weapons to hostile rebels in the Middle East like we do, they would be much better off.”

Following these economic recommendations, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea also proudly exhibited their many concentration camps which currently house 200,000 prisoners and operate at a fraction of the cost of all American correctional facilities.

While the White House has not yet officially responded to Kim Jong-un’s advice, sources have confirmed that the president is “thinking it over.”