NRA Calls To Boycott NBA: “Those Black Players Think They Can Shoot Better Than Us White Guys”

Fox News correspondent Ed Henry asserted over the weekend that an anti-gun violence commercial made by the National Basketball Association (NBA) had spoiled the Christmas joy of some Americans. During its Christmas day broadcasts, an NBA advertising campaign featured players and families of shooting victims. Larry Pratt, founder of Gun Owners of America, suggested to Henry, who was guest hosting Fox & Friends on Saturday, that gun owners would boycott the NBA to protest the anti-violence message.

“Who do they think they are, calling for the so-called ‘end of gun violence?’ Where do they get the right to call for equality and giving up guns when it is a known fact that the majority, if not all NBA players, are black, and at the same time, represent some of the richest athletes in the country? How is that equality? What are they going to do, hide behind their 15-foot monogram-engraved gates and keep quiet until everybody surrenders their firearm? Things don’t work that way in America,” Pratt fumed.

He continued: “I really don’t know where they get the idea that everybody should give up their guns. Even though it’s a sad fact, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway: privately-owned guns have become the last line of defense of true white Christian Americans. And now they’re going on about how ‘we can stop gun violence together?’ What does that have to do with white people when black Americans are twice as likely to die from gun violence in this country? And gun violence is committed by predominantly black people, not white people. “

“You know, most white people I know don’t have bodyguards at home, and most NBA players do. How is that equal? And then they go on and say that black people play basketball and score points better than white people. Can you believe the audacity? They would never have gotten to where they are if it wasn’t for the white coaches and CEOs’ who made them famous. Without white people, black Americans would still be picking cotton in the South, not making millions of dollars per point in the Staples Center. Actually, you know something? You show me a good black basketball player and I’ll show you three better white ones,” Pratt raged.

He added, “Besides, black people are the reason why white people are forced to own guns in the first place. So, there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on both here and in the NBA. That’s why I suggest we boycott the NBA along with all the black players. That will teach them to look at their own actions first before blaming other races for their problems.”

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