NYPD Offers Free Abortions as Part of New Community Outreach Program

NEW YORK – After videos of an NYPD officer slamming a pregnant woman face down against the street surfaced earlier this week, the NYPD has attempted to clear up any misunderstandings regarding the video, explaining that the body slam was part of a new community outreach program, one in which the NYPD offers free abortions to women who “otherwise couldn’t afford them.”

In the video, a woman identified as 43-year-old Sandra Amezquita can be seen being spun around by an officer before being slammed to the ground and landing on top of her stomach. The officer then laid down on top of her while one of his fellow officers came up along side of Amezquita and pushed down on her back.

With videos of police brutality increasingly becoming more prevalent over social media, the NYPD quickly took to damage control, releasing a statement through its official spokesperson Noah Scranton.

“While we at the NYPD understand why many who viewed the video are outraged,” wrote Scranton, “the fact is that it’s a simple misunderstanding. As part of our attempt to build stronger relations with the community, we’ve begun offering free abortions to women who couldn’t afford them otherwise.”

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