Chinese Fashion Companies Offer $1,000,000 To Putin And Obama For One-Time Underwear Modeling Gig

Beijing, China – In the midst of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in China, probably two of the most significant people on the planet have received offers to step out of their comfort zones and add something extraordinary to their political portfolios.

Namely, during the initial meeting of the officials in Beijing, in addition to the usual political issues and other common conversational topics that were discussed, a rumor has it that two participants of the summit started talking about matters of fashion, and their personal sense of style.

Although politicians and diplomatic dignitaries typically have very little to do with fashion, considering the fact that they’re wearing suits and ties most of the time, one can easily become skeptical upon reading the aforementioned.
However, in the purpose of bringing the diplomatic relations of traditionally hostile countries to warmer climate, the organizers of the summit came up with the brilliant idea of inviting everyone participating in the summit to model at a fashion show that would be organized especially for them.

Of course, as with any type of competition, the US and Russian Presidents were immediately labeled as the most eligible, especially because of the deep rivalry between the two countries.

When it was announced that the famous underwear company “Extreme Intimo” would be the general sponsor of the fashion show, the two presidents were reported to have smiled sourly, prior to sweating.

US President Barrack Obama was immediately nicknamed “the Black Mamba” because of his height and slim figure, whereas President Putin was dubbed “The Siberian Frowner”.

The official spokeswoman of the summit said in an exclusive interview to Newslo: “we came up with the idea out of the blue, and immediately felt it was exactly what we needed to take the edge off the seriousness that loomed on the faces of everyone present. We feel that the fashion show might bring some good times to the participants as well as the general public, but we would like to stress out that participation is not mandatory”.

Recent polls suggest that the highest demand when it comes to presidential underwear models is for Presidents Putin and Obama, so it’s not a surprise that the two of them were immediately seen filling the role (or boxers, to be precise).